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   The Smarter Way To  Train

AERO AI Group is a Centre of Excellence focused on providing exceptional value to our customers.

Looking for demonstrated expertise in aviation training, flight training management consulting or aircraft ground services management consulting?  We can help! 
The AI in our name represents Applied Intelligence.  Intelligence our team has gained through years of first-hand experience in C-level positions with major aviation OEMs, airlines and aviation service providers.  
We have what it takes to drive your company to the next level.  
We also are involved in the other AI, Artificial Intelligence.  
Through our association with device manufacturers,
we can provide AI solutions to improve your results today.  
Our key players have the expertise to improve
the quality and safety of your operations
while simultaneously improving your outcomes
both operationally and financially.   
AERO AI Group is ready to provide support services in the form of training and professional services to airlines, ATO's and airports.  
The industry needs a more intelligent way. 
We can help!


Training  Services

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Professional Services


Ground Handling Services

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