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Pilots today fly the most advanced and sophisticated aircraft ever built but still train in ways designed in the 1960s. Today's aviation industry has gone from a pilot shortage to having large groups of pilots underemployed. The ramp-up to full operation will not be as steep as the descent to this point, but it will be an enormous task that will strain training systems to their limits. The industry needs a smarter way to train. 
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We are busy developing our courses for online delivery.  A complete list of courses which will be available soon, can be reviewed in our Institutional Services Section.   If you are interested in putting your name on the waiting list for enrolment for any of these course, please select CONTACT or See More Courses. 
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Plane on Runway

System Safety for Flight Operations Training

Business Team

Small Team Leadership

Coming April 2021

The focus of this course is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for graduates to be able to understand the need for System Safety in all aspects of flight operations training.

Coming May 2021

The focus of this lecture is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for graduates to understand the need for the use of Small Teams to affect change within an organizational structure.   It describes the necessary skills of delegation, communication and team-building as it relates to the small team "lean and mean" approach.

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Competency Based Training and Assessment


Airbus Speed Reference System (SRS) Briefing

Coming June 2021

This lecture is an introduction to the general theory and practice of Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) in Aviation.  The topics will include reviewing the required competencies for pilots under the new ICAO initiatives. Issues surrounding implementing competency-based training within the existing pilot training environment.  Furthermore, a look into the future of competency-based training will also be part of the discussion.


Many students have difficulty understanding the SRS on Airbus aircraft.  This briefing reviews all pertinent aspects of the system along with how and why we use during flight.

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