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AERO AI Group is a Centre of Excellence focused on providing exceptional value to our customers.

The industry needs a smarter way to train. For the past 40 years, our Group has worked on the next best thing in aviation training. We have worked on innovations like the Integrated Procedures Trainer (IPT), the M/FTD, VSIM and electric-hydraulic motion.   We are now pushing a reluctant industry toward the next evolution in flight training with InstructIQ, which uses artificial intelligence to collect, analyze and assess pilot performance in simulated training environments.  Our employee development programs are producing the next generation of leaders in our industry.  And we are providing education and consultation services in the digital transformation of our customer airline business. 

We are not talking heads whom frequent conferences to speak about yesterday and what we think is happening today.  We are the guys out driving change so that the industry will be better tomorrow.  

Today aviation has gone from a pilot shortage to having large groups of pilots underemployed the industry. The ramp-up to full operation will not be as steep as the descent to this point, but it will an enormous task which will strain each training system to its limits.  We can help!

Aero AI Group is a Centre of Excellence focused on providing exceptional value to our customers. Our solutions embody the “judo approach” by achieving maximum efficiency with minimal effort.  Whether you need training, corporate or institutional services, AERO AI Group has the expertise to help you.   

While most people see the AI in our name as meaning Artificial Intelligence, it has two meanings for our customer. We believe that knowledge is like paint; without knowing how to apply it, knowledge alone is useless.  AI, first and foremost, means Applied Intelligence.  Intelligence is the collection and application of knowledge, and we pride ourselves on having a group of industry experts who have the necessary tools to bring value to our customers.  

AI also means artificial intelligence, which itself has two means for our Group. It provides a direction of thought for our experts and our customers to integrate technology into the solutions we consider.  At the same time, this illustrates that the depth of our technical reach includes the use of Artificial Intelligence in our solutions.  

Image by Andrés Dallimonti

Executive Team

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