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Testimonials from Our Clients

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Thanks Kevin, always fun to figure out these Airbus mysteries !  
I also wanted to say that the relaxed tone you set is a great learning environment and we walk away with so much more.

Andrew Rasmussen
A330 Captain
Air Canada

Your teaching, mentoring and tips greatly enhanced  my technical knowledge of the 330 and helped me identify, or perhaps relearn, triggers that I can use to recognize when my performance as a crew member starts to fall into a non high functioning state.

Brad M
A330 First Officer
Air Canda

Kevin is an extremely knowledgeable aviation expert. He is a forward thinking manager who always strives for improving existing processes, tools, and methods for managing the business. He is honest and someone who has a high degree of integrity. He is a big picture thinker who can also roll up his sleeves and work in the details. I would recommend Kevin for managing any flight operations department.

Michael Fidele
Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group

Kevin is a seasoned aviation training professional. He has a depth of experience in managing international training operations, and has excelled in key training roles as an instructor, manager, and pilot. He is able to apply a strict discipline to maintaining training quality and standards, while bringing an innovative, creative spirit to developing high quality, efficient training solutions for his customers

Alec White 
Vice -President 
CAE Aviation Training

Past and Present Clients

Since day one, we've been assisting individuals and businesses in defining and fulfilling their objectives. We've worked with industry-leading clients and earned a reputation as leading experts in our industry. 
We have understood from the beginning that not everyone is our client. We take care in choosing whom we work with within the industry.  We must provide value to our clients.   We do not enter into a business relationship unless we can ensure that there is value, for both parties, from the time and money spent working together. 

We are very proud to work with or have worked with the clients below.


Air Canada Flight Operations Training


Haaga-Helia University

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Paladin AI inc.

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