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Leadership/ Management Training Solutions

AERO AI Corporate Services offers training solutions to airlines, training centers and manufacturers to develop their senior management personnel.  Employee development is a critical factor in the continuing success of senior management and their company.  We provide a full list of services to help your organization succeed in this demanding industry.

Our Services Include...

Senior Management Mentoring/ Coaching

The industry moves at a rapid pace. 
Keeping up the education and development
of middle and upper management of
aviation companies is a big challenge.
We can help!
Our instructors have years of experience in the field
and teaching BA and MA programs at universities
and technical colleges.  We have experience in leading start-ups, expanding and pivoting businesses.
Whether your focus is flight, cargo or maintenance operations,
we can help!


Training Center Operations

Are you building a new training center? Are you expanding or renovating an existing center?  It's essential to pay attention to the details of construction; however, it is also necessary to attend to the education and development of the people who will run your training center.   Training is a costly business.  Even more expensive without proper knowledge and skills.  
We can help!

Employee Program Development

Do you have an internal employee development program that lacks spark and is not compelling your employees to participate fully?  Or, are you wondering how to get your employee development program off the ground?  
We can help!
Employee development programs increase retention, loyalty and the bottom-line.    Our Instructional System Design experts will bring your employee development program to life in concert with Subject Matter Experts.  Your employees will love it, and your company will benefit from the experience.  
Let's talk.

Integration concept. Industrial and smar

Technology Development and Integration

Do you have an idea from new technology or changes to an existing technology but don't know how to make it a reality?  
We can help!  
Drawing on our experts with years of experience in technology related to flight, cargo and maintenance operations, we can support and guide you to the result you expect.   We can also advise you on the best way to integrate existing technology with any new technology you are interested in adding.  
Whether it's operations or training, we can help!

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