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An AI Based Personalized Tool

Suppose you are seriously planning on developing a Competency-Based Training and Assessment Program in your training centre. In that case, you need to consider InstructIQ as your tool to collect, interpret, analyze and report training delivery and outcomes. InstructIQ is a cloud-based tool that uses data collected from your training device. InstructIQ’s artificial intelligence algorithms then interpret and analyze the data against known objective competency markers.  Subjective assessments made by the instructor are added to the analysis. The system then generates a report on pilot competency based on the ICAO Pilot Competency list. All this is done dynamically behind the scenes using your training program. No script changes, no clumsy equipment, and no long instructor training classes make IntrustIQ simple and easy to use. We want to discuss all the benefits of InstructIQ with you.  You will be amazed at what else it can do.

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