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AERO AI Corporate Services is the place to turn when you are starting-up or thinking of expanding your training services business.  Our global expert group has leadership experience with multiple startups of every size in the industry.     We have guided small teams of executives and large state-owned enterprises through the challenges of opening an aviation training organization.     

If you own an existing business that you are planning on expanding or have a training product, you need expert advice on its development; we can help.  

If your business is creating a large amount of data, but you believe it may not be using the data to its best advantage, we need to talk.  The data that your training activities produce is a gold mine of information on how to improve your training outcomes.  If you are presently delivering an evidence-based training program, data loss is a significant risk factor to be avoided.    

With the move toward Competency-Based Training and away from Evidence-Based Training, ATO's will need help in the transition.    AERO AI Group, along with Paladin AI, has the tools and the experience to make transitioning your ATO effective and efficient.  If your direction is toward AQP, we can help.  

We provide the following Consulting Services: 

Consulting Services

Aircraft Maintenance
Image by Jens Johnsson

Startup Mentoring/ Coaching


Business Expansion


Transitioning from Traditional to AQP to EBT to CBTA


Safety and Quality Management System Development for Training

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