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Kevin Parker

President/ Chief Executive Officer


Captain Kevin Parker has had a long and varied career in the aviation industry. As an experienced military and commercial airline pilot, educator, and speaker, Kevin has been directly involved in multiple startups in the aviation training industry. He has worked his way through the industry from the flight line to become a recognized industry executive.

He has held executive operational positions at Aircrew Training Systems Ltd, CAE Aviation Training, Zhuhai Xiang Yi Flight Training Center, Shanghai Commerical Aircraft Customer Service Center (COMAC) and now at AERO AI Group.  Kevin was part of the leadership team, which guided the startup and the continued viability of these very successful enterprises.  

An airline transport pilot and professional flight instructor, Kevin also held positions as Production Test and Evaluation Pilot, Line Training Pilot, and Flight Safety Officer.  He is presently an SFI on the Airbus A330 at Air Canada.

He knows how to make every training situation better for the student, the instructor, and the organization. 


Marko Kauppinen.


An aviation industry professional with a broad interest in aviation management challenges. In the past 19 years of my international career, Marko has helped numerous passenger and cargo airlines, airports and MRO's to transform their business into more customer-friendly and efficient service operations. He uses the "judo" approach to find the right solution for our customers.  His focus is on adding value to clients while enjoying the collaborative teamwork style. Marko's expertise is in cargo, baggage handling, passenger e-services, customer service IT support and senior management mentoring and coaching.  


Adolfo Klassen

President/ CEO
Paladin AI Ltd.

 An experienced executive in the aviation training industry, Adolfo has more than 30 years of experience coordinating large teams and bringing innovative new products to the market. He was previously the Chief Technology Officer at CAE, Inc., in Montreal, QC, the most extensive flight simulator OEM in civil aviation. Adolfo has degrees in international management and electrical engineering and is the President/ CEO of Paladin AI.


John Rogers

Head of Maintenance Training

John brings 40+ years of aircraft maintenance engineering, management, and instructional expertise to each lesson he delivers.  Previously employed at Lufthansa Technical Training as an Airbus Maintenance Instructor, John has worked for several MRO's, airlines and OEM's.  He has been employed in line maintenance, overhaul, publications, training and management positions.


Ontario, CANADA

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