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Adolfo Klassen

President/ CEO
Paladin AI Inc.

 Paladin AI creates data-driven tools for optimizing training delivery at your center. We work with flight simulator OEMs, airlines, and training centers to help accelerate training, while reducing costs. We use data science to enable competency-based training with minimal disruption to training center operations and using your existing training media.   

Despite all the advances in modern aircraft design, when it comes to pilot training, our industry is still firmly in the 20th century. Many still use pen and paper. Not knowing when a pilot is ready or how to train them most effectively results in overtraining and costly delays. Meanwhile, the market demand for pilots and regulatory shifts towards evidence-based training are putting training centers under increasing pressure to adapt.
Paladin AI meets this need with a technology solution that easily integrates with existing flight simulators and provides detailed pilot competency analytics and training recommendations. We achieve this using a data-driven artificial intelligence that detects pilot behavior and competency. This allows training centers to train more pilots while using less instructor time and facilitating compliance with upcoming regulatory changes. Together, our technology will help ensure that everyone can fly the world safely.



Our Mission

To deploy AI-powered solutions that makes flying safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

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