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Instructor Training

A first-class training system starts with instructors who know are knowledgeable, skillful, and professional. Our best instructors teach the AERO AI Training Services Train-the-Trainer Program. With collectively hundreds of years of airline instructing experience, we can deliver the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for instructors to be their best.   

Our two-part Instructor Training Program starts with a review of the basics, such as the Laws of Learning relating each Law to real-life situations and experiences. Our program provides guidance and instruction on instructor roles and responsibilities, learning theory, instructional techniques, assessment methodologies, and human factors in flight training.  

During the second level of the training, our instructor coaches and mentors your candidate during practical training delivery sessions. The outcome is a knowledgeable and skillful instructor who is competent, confident, and consistent in delivering your training program.  

Our program meets and exceeds requirements for commercial airline instructor training under the FAA, CAAC, and EASA. Our program is generic. No matter what aircraft type, we can get you better training outcomes.  

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