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Job Task Analysis

When adding a new aircraft fleet or expanding into new fleet operations, it is essential to start at the ground level to understand what tasks are involved in these changes.  Our team can provide you with the expertise to complete a task analysis, which will give the detail necessary to build the required training programs for your staff.  

A detailed task analysis is a foundation on which to build real competency, confidence, and consistency.  Knowing which tasks are inherent, which are subordinate and require training is vital to any operational change.

Our training ISD experts will build a team that includes your subject matter staff to complete the analysis on time and within budget.

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Why is a Job Task Analysis important?

1.  New Capability

The job task analysis process allows organizations to clearly determine the job tasks performed when using a specific piece of equipment. The job task analysis will enable organizations to determine what resources are required to perform particular work.

2. Program Evaluation

Performance objectives (PO's)  linked to specific tasks required of the employee. The training program's efficacy is determined using the evaluation process.   A job task analysis builds the supporting training documentation confirming that the PO's are correctly connected.

3.  Program Validation

The training program must develop the required skills for the job. The validation process determines whether a training program's PO's accurately reflect the requirements of the job. Tracking this data helps organizations determine the return on investment for a particular training program.

4. Continuous Improvement

Operators must audit an employee's level of competence to determine industry standards and ensure regulatory compliance.   A job task analysis will explain the training needed to increase someone's level of competency.

5.  Compare Competencies

How well someone performs a specific job task can be measured and then compared to experienced employees. Performance standards are compared with other employees of similar experience to determine whether remedial training is required.

6.  Promotion

An individuals' skill set and competency level can be compared among a specific group of employees to determine which ones are ready to be promoted.

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