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What if they closed their doors?

So you've all read that many, if not all, US airlines are planning to be back to full strength by fall 2021. I am happy for my colleagues that will be back to the job they love. But, I question what the hell happened to Canada? By population, we are a tenth of the size, and by geographic proportions, we are far bigger, which should create a focus on getting the airline industry back on its feet to help distribute the vaccine.

Has the government helped the airlines? No! With only a handful of airlines to support, the government ignored them. Fortunately, the biggest, Air Canada was prepared and has, so far, been able to weather the storm.

I can't help think about what if? What if Air Canada, West Jet and Air Transat parked their planes, locked the doors and walked away until a better day? Then what? Some would think, well, the military would step up and get the job done. The military has been so underfunded and now so under-equipped that it could not possibly cover the loss. Thousands more would be unemployed and applying for benefits. It would be a bigger mess than we presently have.

So I applaud the airlines in Canada for being there for the Canadian people when the government has not. Converting airplanes from passenger to cargo, risking the health of their employees and their company to provide the necessary support that Canadians need. It's good to see that Canada's aviation community will step up in a time of need, even without government support.

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